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The main technical points

1, metalworking and processing of the final size should be correct, the steel tube of various conditions should satisfy the requirements of the product, ensure that will not happen again in other parts of the process is due to the problems caused by the machining department.

2, steel pipe should be paid attention to in the process of phosphate in order phosphate in the pool and in each of the phosphating's lag in the pool.

3, the size of the welding should be correct, after completion of welding shaping and polishing processing, can not have bubbles, welding slag, clearance, and so on.

4, plastic spraying powder preheating before treatment, the gunners and distance from one side to control good, products in the oven time should be adapted, remove products to should take put down gently, keep the products surface scratches, no dust and so on, in the processshould be adapted, remove products to should take put down gently, keep the products surface scratches, no dust and so on, in the processed.

5, sewing cloth size should be correct, and make sure the fabric is clean and tidy.

6,the assembly sequence should be correct, the assembly process of steel pipe to should take put down gently, not to throw, avoid steel pipe coating surface is damaged, the assembly after the completion of the balance of the product is reasonable, may not be overturned. (for folding products should guarantee the fold easy, there would be no interference with each other. Each parts for some table should guarantee the legs and frame can naturally into the table frame, as required.)

Process flow

Armrest: cut - banding - double bend - correction - banding

In front of the rail: before cutting and banding

At the back of the rail: after cutting and bale

Back of a chair rail: cutting and banding

Wear cloth tube: cutting to strapping to drilling, deburring, double - single bend - roll bending - correction - banding

Hind feet tube: cut - banding - double curved to cut straight mouth - correction - drilling, deburring - washed fish mouth - banding

Metalworking workshop and phosphating workshop (deoiling - acid - and - surface conditioning - phosphate), welding (1, rail and iron salt pieces before welding, hind 2 pipe welding nut welding 3, hind foot and rail welding 4, after the former rail and rail welding tube and rail welding)  5, we lift to burnish, plastic spraying, armrest, rail, hind feet bound non-woven - before and after assembly (1, inserted into the plastic cloth 2, 3, will wear the cloth into cloth tube screw locking 4, install the back of a chair rail) - packaging - outbound.


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